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There are no consensual fashion houses, and women will definitely have a specific reason to wear them. When we hear the name MUGLER, we already know the story will be powerful, sexy as hell and will empower women as no other brand does. In recent weeks, MUGLER struck big hits by openly bringing sexy back during this “so-so” Covid period. Two amazing collaborations are at honour: The dazzling look of Megan Fox at the VMAs and the awesome collaboration with WOLFORD. I must say that Casey Cadwallader’s arrival helped capitalise on the anatomical design heritage of the French luxury house and install it into new modernity. Casey Cadwallader is a true architect of women’s bodies, and his cut provides sassiness and elegance.

The Mugler woman is a powerhouse of energy made of an incredible attitude, timeless beauty and elegance. We can see it here in this video showcasing the Spring-Summer 2021 by Casey Cadwallader.

Megan Fox at the MTV Video Music Awards – Muglerized!

Megan Fox was trending on social media again, thanks to a see-through dress she wore at the MTV Video Music Awards. This is the third awards show in a row to which Fox has rocked Mugler. She wore that strategically placed Mugler little black dress to the Billboard Music Awards in May and the fashion house’s body-hugging pink Barbie jumpsuit to the iHeart Music Awards in March.

We can say that the collaboration between Megan Fox and Mugler is a match done in fashion heaven. The combination between Megan’s sex appeal and the Mugler audacity is pure TNT, as you can see in the image below. This is the perfect example of how Mugler sexiness goes viral, and it was even trending on Twitter!

This dress was a special order, inspired from what we saw during the Spring-Summer 2021 fashion show.


By magnifying the woman’s body, it is a way to showcase freedom of expression and self-assertiveness which are strong states on today’s world. Thanks to this collaboration, Megan Fox and Mugler made the headlines during the MTV VMAs. Megan Fox was for sure the highlight of the show’s red-carpet.

MUGLER x WOLFORD: The Perfect Anatomy

First time presented during MUGLER’s Spring-Summer 2020 collection, the collaboration with WOLFORD is a brilliant synergy of anatomic design, comfort and sexiness. WOLFORD is a manufacturer of textiles of the top price segment focusing on tights, bodysuits and underwear, as well as women’s clothing and accessories.

This is a high-level collaboration that gives tights back their rank of iconic Mugler accessories. Tights are an essential accessory for fall-winter. Around him, it is just as many fantasies and received ideas that are propagated, making it a recognizable element of our Western cultures. And it was Mugler, through his new artistic director Casey Cadwallader, who brought a little sensuality back to the tights during his show for Spring / Summer 2020.

More than a graphic and resistant pair of tights, this Mugler x Wolford collaboration uses innovative technology with its shapely construction and sculpting fit. The black stitching on the front and back of this already iconic model enhances the natural contours of the body while providing a matte finish and a second skin feel.

In conclusion, and as a fan of the MUGLER brand, it is fascinating to see how contemporary the MUGLER design is. Audacity, cutting edge couture and sassiness are key elements that will always maintain MUGLER on top of the curve(s) from a timeless perspective. 🙂 You can also read my review about the recent new fragrance launch Alien Goddess featuring the sparkling Willow Smith.

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