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J’Adore New Absolu,  A Lush And Elegant Concept

Christian Dior revealed a new film about J’Adore the new Absolu and it is a true ode to sensuality, beauty and to all women after all. A delightfully lush new composition sees Absolutes dance alongside an unprecedented freshness. The flowers here are as sweet as a delectable syrup, or a sublime, natural and sensual nectar. The icon Charlize Theron, more desirable than ever, is the divine incarnation of a free and triumphant femininity. Ode to women, to their audacity, the iconic floral bouquet is a beauty with multiple faces, a feat of balance where the most beautiful flowers express themselves with sensuality and freshness.

In this film, Christian Dior brings the essential elements of J’Adore, exhibit at the service of a strong femininity. Charlize Theron is showcased as a modern amazon or goddess, allowing herself a true freedom of movement. Imperial and sublime, the actress is draped in a flamboyant dress, hand-crafted in the Dior haute couture workshops.




J’Adore New Absolu, the fragrance

In an incredibly lush composition, François Demachy blends voluptuous and sensual floral absolutes. Absolutes of Grasse Jasmine, Sambac Jasmine, Rose and Magnolia intertwine with unprecedented freshness: flowers take on the sweetness of a delicious syrup, a sublime, natural and seductive nectar. J’adore absolu is built around Grasse Jasmine, a capricious beauty that requires patience, harvested at the precise moment when, drenched in sunlight, it releases its most sensual accents.


Christian Dior has a beautiful floral palette. The floral bouquet of J’Adore is emphasized to a maximum beauty. The Magnolia flower brings a true sunshine to the Jasmin-Rose duo. Let’s underline an orange blossom note that brings a honey-animatic facet to the composition, signing the fragrance with a powerful femininity.

“In this composition, I wanted Jasmine to shine with all its intensity. It is animal, fruity, drenched in sunlight. Swathed in honeyed notes of orange blossom and rose, it reveals lusher, more nectar-like accents.” – François Demachy

The J’adore absolu amphora is adorned with a new supple, almost fluid necklace, like a delicate jewel dancing around a woman’s neck, following her every movement. This new launch is completely aligned with what Christian Dior created with the J’Adore saga.


J’Adore Christian Dior – The defining moment back in 1999

Capitalizing on its legacy is one thing. Creating a new heritage is something else. At the end of the 20th century, Christian Dior Parfums had a new defining moment, the launch of J’Adore Eau de Parfum. Everything in this fragrance was new and the blend was a tremendous cocktail of creativity, audacity and commercial reality. The ambition was very clear, became market leader within the year of launch. Everything was put in place to make it happen:

  • a great concept
  • recognizable packaging and flacon
  • a memorable fragrance
  • A communication war machine
  • Distribution fire power

With this launch, Christian Dior revised the luxury standards of perfumery and made a great success over the years. Quickly the French brand found a new face for J’Adore with Charlize Theron, who became Mrs J’Adore since then.


J’Adore Absolu is the quintessence of Luxury within a modern context in the Perfumery Industry. Christian Dior is 100% right to deploy J’Adore in this way. It capitalizes on the core values of J’Adore and gives it strength. It is also fantastic to see the usage of such great raw materials in the formula, something rare nowadays.

You can visit the company website for more information about the new J’Adore Absolute:

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