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With more than  30 million iPhone X sold in the last quarter of 2017, Apple still makes the dream machine work. Out of these 30 million, 7 million were sold only in the United States. Overall Apple sold around 77 million iPhones over the holiday season. This is less than usual but thanks to the iPhone X price tag, Apple made more money. So, for all iPhone X users, here is our top 3 most luxury cases.



This is probably the most outstanding iPhone X luxury case you may find. Made of true marble stone extracted from Turkey, this iPhone case by Roxxlyn brings a fantastic blend between luxury, style and design. The inside is made of the best Alcantara leather, that wraps your iPhone X in a perfect soft protection. Hand-made from genuine Invisible Grey marble stone  “Antolini Exclusive Collection”. Transformed to ultra-light and thin (0,7 mm), sturdy and just beautiful polished layers of stone. Combined with a carefully sun-polished and anodised aluminum body that feels responsive to the touch. The result is an extremely light (50 grams), advanced and entirely unique iPhone case made in Germany. You can find more information about this outstanding case by visiting the official website here: 



In iconic Monogram canvas, the iPhone X Folio by Louis Vuitton is as innovative as it is elegant. The functional adhesive surface, naturally integrated into its slim shape, holds the phone securely to protect it from the bumps and knocks of modern life. You can also customize your case with a hot stamping engraving in the leather. Here are the detailed features:

  • 2.7 x 5.9 x 0.4 inches
  • Coated Canvas
  • Microfiber lining
  • 2 inside flat pockets
  • 1 functional adhesive surface
  • Made in France or Made in Spain

You can visit the official Louis Vuitton website for more information here:




Luxury accessories are often a must have, especially when you choose a special leather. Here at Brucegao, they have created an iPhone X luxury case made of genuine Crocodile leather. It definitely creates a sharp look to your iPhone, more organic. wild and with a ultimate taste of refinement. The Size fits your phone perfectly. All cutouts are precisely designed to access all your device’s features. The soft inner lining comfortably contacts the surface of the device, prevent scratches from disassembling the device. When it comes to high-end materials, nothing beats crocodile and alligator skin. You can find more about this line by visiting the official brand website:

Apple made a multi-billion dollars business from the iPhone. The latest iPhone, iPhone X is definitely a luxury item as per its design and cost (+1000USD). Obviously you deserve to have a beautiful luxury iPhone X case to protect your iPhone. When you think how often you touch the iPhone case with your bare hands, you might think about what kind of sensorial experience you want to have. So, you should treat yourself better and offer to your iPhone X the best luxury case you can find.

José Amorim

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