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You do not wear a Mugler fragrance by chance or randomly. Mugler perfumery signature is unique and its creations are true innovative fragrances that some of them created a whole olfactory trend. There was a before Angel and an after Angel in the perfumery industry. With the launch of its first fragrance, Mugler set the tone of its olfactory universe. Paradox and contrasts are the tools of perfumers to shape the universe of the brand. This year, Mugler is launching Angel Nova. It is a new fragrance for a modern heroine who makes her dreams come true and reality a dream. Angel Nova is the fragrance of the Ultra-femininity! Not like usually we would see in the social standards but a modern vision of women: powerful, self-confident, independent, and hell-sexy! Beware of Angels!

28 years after the launch of the original Eau de Parfum, Mugler can reinvent itself and prove the unlimited boundaries of the brand universe. As always, Mugler never compromises on the choices for the product, taking the very best of what nature, human creativity, and technology have to offer.

Mugler Nova: Live up to your dreams!

With the launch of this new Eau de Parfum, Mugler brings a new stone to the wall of its brand fundamentals. Angel is a fragrance franchise that takes your reality and transcends it into your wildest dreams. While connecting to your inner-nature, Angel literally satellite you into the orbit of sophistication, sexiness, and self-confidence. It is like wearing a Mugler jacket: it will give you allure, you will feel different and act differently.

Mugler Nova is a promise. It is a promise of a new world in which you are the heroine and the master of your destiny. You dream it, you get it. The name is a very clever one and bears the promise of brand commitment. By calling the new fragrance Angel Nova, it immediately drives us to a galaxy of stars. A supernova is the brightest moment on the life of a star. No matter how ephemeral that moment shall be, the star will shine ten times more than she has ever shone. It is also a powerful name, striking, simple to understand and that does not require big efforts to translate.


It is also the Feminine nominative singular of Latin novus (“new”). The feminine is used since stella (“star”) is feminine; thus nova is a shortening of nova stella (“new star”), first used in this sense in 1573 by Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe. It all makes sense as Angel Nova is a new star in the Mugler galaxy.

According to Christophe De Lataillade, Head of Creation at Mugler, it all starts with the star, this loyal companion. Angel was always a woman’s story. This woman embarks on a journey that she will not regret. The star is a guide and a lucky charm to lead the Mugler woman to her destiny in which she is free, she can decide her own fate and express her feelings.

Mugler Nova: The fragrance

As I said in the beginning, you do not wear a Mugler fragrance by chance and like any other fragrance. There is a true statement and interesting chemistry on the skin that sublime the moment. When smelling the fragrance this is what I retained. It is a Floral and woody structure with a strong fruity facet. Every time Mugler introduces a floral olfactory structure in their perfumery work it is not that usual and generally brings an interesting tension to the power of the fragrance.

“A captivating Eau de Parfum created from the thrilling fusion of a delicious fruity scent, an exclusive
Mugler rose, and powerful, modern wood. The dazzling combination of pleasure and self-affirmation, thanks to a fruity, floral, and woody Eau de Parfum.” – Mugler

In the firsts seconds when you spray the fragrance, you sense the promise of a never-ending story about femininity. The first notes of fresh and juicy raspberry provoke an extreme feeling of femininity and dynamism. Thanks to this Raspberry start, the transition to the floral rose heart is fully accomplished.


Rose is by far one of the most complicated olfactory themes in perfumery. Why? Because basically everything was already created, found, and done. The challenge is enormous. How to reinvent such a blockbuster theme like Rose? Well, Mugler will always find a way. Simple? Not at all. Behind each Mugler creation, there is a dream team of talents that will give everything for the sake of creativity and originality. We tend to say that for a Perfumer career, signing a Mugler fragrance is the accomplishment of a lifetime. So how did Mugler create a new Rose? With the help of the best talents in natural ingredients, extraction methods and let’s be honest, with a lot of guts, they came up with a new way of extracting and blending the Rose notes. It is all about double extraction.

The Damask rose gets the first distillation of its fresh petals. From this distillation, we obtain a natural elegant rose scent quite close to what you can experience by smelling the heart of a fresh flower. And then, here is where the magic operates: The perfumer collects the utilized petals from the first distillation and proceed on extraction by volatile solvents. The obtained substance is a more deep, sensual almost animalistic facet of the rose. The combination of this double extraction creates a new horizon for the rose treatment. This provides a vibrant yet rich floral heart to this fragrance.


Our story ends with a fantastic woody blast. Woody notes always procured a lot of charisma to feminine fragrances. In Angel Nova there is a very interesting duo of Akigalawood and Benzoin. The Akigalawood is a synthetic note providing a reminiscence of Patchouli (one signature ingredient from the original Angel fragrance) with a sparkling facet of pepper and the texture of agarwood. It is not the first time Mugler utilizes this note that provides a strong modern and bright structure to the fragrance. The addition of Benzoin resin witnesses of the Mugler olfactory signature and provides this modern sensuality, far away from clichés.

Angel Nova is a fragrance created by a fantastic trio made of Louise Turner, Quentin Bisch, and Sonia Constant. They all know very well Mugler as they all signed already great fragrances for the French brand. It is almost a family success story.

Angel Nova: Toni Garn is the face of this new star.

The engaged German actress and model Toni Garrn perfectly embodies Angel Nova: stunning, confident, powerful, and in charge of her own destiny. She is a very successful fashion model but not only. In 2014, she became an ambassador for Plan International’s global Because I am a Girl campaign and has hosted and co-hosted several fundraising events in support of Plan. In February 2016, Toni Garrn established the Toni Garrn Foundation, which aims to raise money for projects advocating for and advancing girls’ rights.


In one galaxy-themed image, Toni is seen holding a pink glass perfume flacon up to her face, while in another she is depicted standing on a large star and gazing into the distance. She creates her own world and fights for women’s empowerment.

“I think dreams are really important in our lives. I would love for there to be less borders in the world. I think it’s ridiculous that some people in the world are not given the same chances, opportunities, and rights as others because they were born in a certain place.” – Toni Garrn

In the world of today, where consumers expect a true commitment from luxury brands, it is also required a lot of authenticity and relevancy. Here we have the perfect example of a good alignment.

Angel Nova: The Flacon As A New Rising Star

Many people ask me why I say Flacon and not a bottle? I could try to find some strange justification buried in the sands of history but honestly, I just believe that a fragrance “glass container” should receive the due respect of such amazing glasswork and know-how. Therefore I cannot call it a bottle, I rather stick to the French word “Flacon”. By having visited the Mugler glassmakers, I can tell you that creating a Mugler flacon is not at all a piece of cake. It is again, an achievement of a lifetime. The iconic Angel flacon dresses in new graduation of colors reflecting the amazing olfactory contrasts.


Angel Nova Eau de Parfum is available in a refill flacon. A sustainable approach with a flacon that provides the bare essentials, designed as a star-shaped flacon that can be refilled when empty. Thanks to the refillable flacon, your ANGEL NOVA Star flacon becomes an endlessly refillable fragrance. You can order online or purchase from the store the refills and refill your star yourself at home.


With this new launch, Mugler reinforces once more the foundations of the Angel myth. The iconic fragrance universe seems endless and each time we think Mugler has done everything, they open a new door and new horizons appear.

José Amorim
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