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thierrymugler“I used fashion to express myself as much as I could. But at some point, it was not enough.” declared Thierry Mugler, the french fashion designer.
That is why he has been so successful with perfumes.

angel thierry muglerWe all know the planetarium success of Angel, the first Blue fragrance captured in a glamourous star… and what a scent!

We also remember Alien, launched in 2005.  Someone should be crazy to imagine such fragrance to be so successful, especially in France. And it is true.

Today, the perfume brand is launching a new perfume, called Womanity. As I explained in my previous article, Thierry Mugler Parfums created a huge buzz by developing one of the first crowd-sourcing brand website in march this year.
The idea behind Womanity is this invisible link that exists between all women. A great idea although we knew they had a perfume launch coming in. Any way, at leat we can say that Thierry Mugler does not follow any beauty trend, no “me too”. The audacious work they do always prevent to other competitors to generate copies. Who a part from Mugler to launch such concepts any way? Brillant!
alien thierry mugler

Womanity is the fragrance of all women as we can see in the advertising. A feminist fragrance? not so sure because we overcame all these fights and we women are looking for something more clever then.Womanity thierry mugler

Womanity thierry muglerThe bottle looks as always coming at the same time from nowhere and everywhere… Between Stargate and our grand ma’s drawer. A message that crossed years and generations and to be delivered, highlighted… Thierry Mugler always want to delivery a message. With Angel, beware of Angels, with Alien, do you believe in the extraordinary? and now with Womanity, see the invisible link of femininity. This is a beautiful trilogy. The only question we might pop up is about the customer they are targetting. Ok, this is a fragrance for all womem, but sometimes when you try to talk to everyone, finally you talk with no one… Let’s hope this is not the case here.

Available is all good perfumeries in September 2010.