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Ok, here is perhaps the most wanted launch of 2011. Finally, after 2 years of supositions and speculations, now it is official: Swarovski is launching its First Fragrance. It is called AURA.

Aura by swarovski4 years ago, one of the biggest and sexiest fragrance license was bought by Clarins: Swarovski Beauty. It might be the biggest potential license brand in the world. We are talking here about several million dollars sales. The Central-Europe brand changed a lot on the past 20 years. Swarovski succeeded to make Crystal glass more “valuable, cool and sexy” than any precious stones.

The initial goal with Clarins was Fragrances, make up and beauty accessories. The project is leaded by Thierry Mugler Parfums teams that built a special A-Team for the occasion. As you might know, Thierry Mugler team works already with Swarovski on Angel limited editions for the past 10 years. So a nice interesting marriage.

Aura, that is the name. According to Thesaurus, Aura is an invisible breath, emanation, or radiation. From the Latin via greek auras, aurae: Breeze.

aura by swarovskiThe flacon tried to capture the purity of Crystal into a fragrance. The Flacon designer is Gwenaël Nicolas, a french artist living in Japan for many years now. He was the one who knew how to capture the idea. He already worked for the brand in 2010 during an artistic installation in MilanoThe perfumers are Jean-Pierre Bethouart and Olivier Cresp, from Firmenich. Olivier Cresp is used to the Thierry Mugler teams as he is the creator of Angel. The fragrance is described by their creators as an incandescence Chypre, dixit Pierre Aulas, the Olfactive director of the Brand. Aura evokes the idea of crystals in a state of fusion. Lychee melds with tuberose and a ‘prism of energy’ accord blending amber, benzoin and musk, and a lush, woodsy trail.

All flacons are refillable and the carton packaging was imagined to be eco-friendly and eco-responsible. Aura comes in a range of four body products… As well as three charmingly glamorous ‘make-up jewelry items.’ The gloss and brightening powders for the face and body are presented in crystal-studded medallions you can wear like a necklace.

Aura by SwarovskiFor the Advertising, the brand choosed the english photographer Craig McDean. He already worked for the brand on several occasions as well as for different luxury fashion houses. The tagline is: “The Grace of Light”…. beautiful.

We can see on the key visual some mountains in the background, as a reminder of Swarovski Austrian origins.

Joël Palix, President of Clarins Fragrance Group says:
“Its history, its renown, its unique know-how, and the ties it has forged with the world of fashion and design, all make Swarovski a truly extraordinary brand. To me, Swarovski is the new luxury. The fragrance calls on memory, sensibility, emotion… after jewelry, this really is a whole new dimension added to the Swarovski universe.

The relationship between our two companies has been truly collaborative: we listened to one another and shared the same sense of scrupulous rigor. The fragrance required about 2,000 tries before we found the right formula and Swarovski remained fully involved in the process, from start to finish.

Swarovski and Clarins have both followed singular paths. For both of us, success requires patience. A beautiful product finds its audience over time, and that’s exactly the vision we share with Swarovski.”
The product range will have:
Aura by Swarovski

Eau de Parfum
15 ML Refillable spray EDP
30 ML Refillable spray EDP
50 ML Refillable spray EDP
75 ML Refillable spray EDP
50 ML Refill bottle EDP

Swarovski Make-up JewelMake-up Jewels
Crystal Gloss: Transparent Shimmer and Glistening Pink
Crystal Touch: Silver Shimmer

“Crystallize Your Body” Bath Line
Perfumed Body Cream 150 ML
Perfumed Body Lotion 200 ML
Perfumed Shower Gel 200 ML
Perfumed Deodorant Spray 100 ML

After the Launch of Womanity by Thierry Mugler, now the beauty group starts a new adventure, that we all hope will be facetted and surprising as crystal.