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Chanel released its campaign for a special Nail Polish collection called “Les Couleurs cultes”, which means Cult Colors in french. They have a clever Digital strategy to support this launch by disseminating a video that breaks into the codes of the Brand. In deed, we are much more younger, dynamic and playful…. yet with style.
It is supposed to reach the tremendous online community interested in Nail polish. They are women, young and sensitive to style, trends…. and colour! Obvious. The choice of the song for this video is for us more… enigmatic. It is a song called “Bizarre Love Triangle” from a UK rock band called New Order. The song was created in September 1986, so we are talking here about vintage ! It also remind me the glory decade of Apple’s iPod advertising. So the aim is definitely to reach an online audience.


The video features the Nail polish flacons playing around. We can also see women’s hands playing with the flacons. Both elements simulates either the C letter of Chanel or it spells the name Chanel by illustrating each letter: C – H – A – N – E – L.





Here, Chanel made an intelligent move. By picking up the most iconic colours of the brand, this collection becomes quite timeless and it is a perfect complement from the limited edition collections (seasonal).


Chanel is successfully achieving a perfect campaign here. They are doing a better job on Nail Polish than in make up I would say. With much more differentiation here. We can see that every detail was executed in a perfect way. The hands, the nails and the jewellery used. These are probably the most glamorous hands we have ever seen in a advertising campaign for long. Beautiful. Here Chanel shows that you can be different, younger and keep your luxury and elegant territory. They will probably catch the attention of many customers with this campaign. Another interesting point on the campaign is that it was made for beauty bloggers. Nail polish is definitely one of the huge topics online. It gathers thousands and millions of readers every year and some of the websites/blogs are done by very expert-consumers people.

Back to the Collection it self, Here is how it is built.


So 5 different colours in the iconic flacons:

  • 219 Black Satin
  • 08 Pirate
  • 18 Rouge Noir
  • 505 Particulière
  • 565 Beige

You can find more informations on the brand website: .

Colour up your nails and be cult.


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