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At Luxury Activist we realized that Trains and Fragrances are very linked. Not that trains smell or that Fragrances look like trains, but we realized that 2 of the market leaders in the fragrance business decided to use a similar story to illustrate their iconic fragrance: a train travel.

The First one was Chanel with it’s famous N.5. We can see a very elegant film in which a woman takes a train and lives an intense adventure, mostly thanks to the fragrance.  The second one is Thierry Mugler who basically does the same for it’s iconic Angel Fragrance. Of course the 2 brands are different so the execution is different. But we can really ask ourselves why trains?

Here below are some differences and similarities between the 2 movies.

– Both have a woman, Audrey Tautou for Chanel and Eva Mendez for Mugler.

– Both have a trip in a train. Chanel is about the Orient express and a nostalgia hint, very elegant, classy and timeless. Mugler has a futuristic Fast train. Everything is very edgy, modern and almost in a science-fiction context.

The Chanel woman is late, so she runs to catch her train. The Mugler woman looks a little more organized as she is calmly waiting for her train on the platform.

– Both are alone in their cabins and experience an intense emotion thanks to the fragrance

–  In the Chanel story there is a man, so a status of seduction and desire. In the Mugler story, no room for men, it is just a strong story between women and their fragrance.

– In both stories, it is important to show that our 2 heroines get out of the train. It seems it is important to show that

Here are the 2 advertising films, so you can judge:

CHANEL N5 with Audrey Tautou


Here are 2 of the most important fragrances in the feminine market, playing on the same creative idea. So if you had the choice and some holidays, which train would you catch?