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Discover PUREDISTANCE, an exclusive Brand for Master perfumes. In a world where everything tends to become standard and banal, PUREDISTANCE has the conviction to bring you the exceptional, the rare and the best… all concentrated in a flacon of perfume. Many big fragrance brands could learn something here.


PUREDISTANCE was founded in 2008 by Jan Ewoud Vos in the Netherlands. Their main offices are in the city of Groningen. Installed in a historical building, Mr Ewoud Vos gathered a team of creative people who will give the essence of PUREDISTANCE universe. When we ask him how would he describe PUREDISTANCE, this is what he says:

PUREDISTANCE for me is a voyage to the essence. And in the essence lies beauty. The kind of beauty that is timeless.”


2 Master perfumers are today the artists behind the olfactive creations of the Brand: Ms Annie Buzantian and Mr Roja Dove.

Ms Annie Buzantian

Born in Romania and nowadays living in New York, Ms Buzantian is an accomplished Master Perfumer. She has been working her entire career for leading Fragrance house Firmenich and developed fragrances for many luxury fragrance brands. She was given a Lifetime Achievement Award by the American Society of Perfumers in 2003.  Here is what she said for Osmoz about her perfumery: “I embrace everyday life as a wondrous place where almost anything can be a source of influence, especially images. My perfumery is very intuitive. Sensorial too, I play the piano, and I love to cook. I enjoy working closely with brands so that we can design fragrances together. I find much inspiration in simplicity and love. My most beautiful creations are my two daughters.”

Mr Roja Dove
Roja Dove

Roja Dove is a true passionate person for Perfumes. After working for Guerlain, one of the most prestigious Fragrance brands in the world, he decided to go his way and spent most of his career to highlight the beautiful perfumery. With initiative like his boudoir at Harrods in London where he puts on stage amazing fragrances, and his own work around raw materials, he is the perfect creator for PUREDISTANCE.

All fragrances are Pure perfume extrait only between 25% to 32% which makes PUREDISTANCE the most concentrated fragrance brand in the market. Also the brand offers several luxury accessories to accompany each Fragrance as ultimates details to the experience.

4 different fragrances completes the current Puredistance portfolio:

What is striking with PUREDISTANCE PERFUMERY is that they modernized the great classics in order to bring back true creations. Some olfactive writing kept aside by over-marketed brands, are now here revealed and highlighted. Each fragrance has a strong personality and while we were doing our olfactive discovery of this amazing Brand, we were literally hooked in thanks to the following creations.



Created by Annie Buzantian, this is one of the most exclusive fragrances in the world. Concentrated at 32%, it crystallizes all the elegance a woman can feel by wearing a sublime dress. Initially created for Annie Buzantian herself, the perfumer got immediately a connection between her creation and the concept that Mr Jan Ewoud Vos proposed. The Fragrance comes in a magnificient coffret in which all details of elegance are done to keep safe the precious perfume.

Puredistance I coffret

One very interesting detail is the presence of a Certificate of Authenticity that certifies the nature of the Fragrance you find. It is a very special attention and gives the correct importance to the work of the perfumer.


For the fragrance itself we were really hooked in as for the first seconds this scent captures your attention right away. An amazing contrast between an elegant fresh brightness and a sensual deep comfort. During all the way that this fragrance reveals itself, each encounter is a beautiful one. The citrus notes of the first seconds are simply beautiful, the floral heart wraps you in a delicate yet intense aura and the base notes of Amber and Musk makes you forget where you are! Only the greatest fragrances in this industry would make you feel that way. We think about some of the great Guerlain, or Aromatics Elixir. Timeless femininity touched by grace.

Puredistance Antonia

PUREDISTANCE ANTONIA is a lively timeless fragrance created by Annie Buzantian and concentrated at 25%. It is directly connected to a positive, full of energy femininity. A beautiful Floral bouquet of Rose and Jasmine reveals a great natural vision of women. The introduction of a  Orris note just rounds it up for an ultimate sexy touch. This bouquet is lifted up by the introduction of a green Galbanum note. It brings a lot of movement and timeless modernity like some fragrance did in the past, like Miss Dior (the original formula), Chamade by Guerlain or Fidji by Guy Laroche. It is really a great pleasure to review such an olfactive structure brought to nowadays times. So avant-garde.


Created by Roja Dove, this amazing fragrance for men and for women is a tremendous olfactive bomb. It’s been a while since the leather family was kept aside and here we discover a magnificient textured leather note that is present in the fragrance from the beginning to the end, like a vibrant backbone to the fragrance.


Surrounding this leather note, we can scent powerful notes of Cinammon, Vetyver and precious woods. A soft and caring base of Vanilla and Balms finishes this fragrance with a subtle good taste. For charismatic men and magnetic women.

Puredistance Opardu

As it would explain Annie Buzantian, the creator of Opardu, this fragrance is a tribute for the bygone days of opulence and romance. This fragrance is a true “olfactive lacework” of different flowers. Jasmine, Lillac and Gardenia create a dialog of roundness while the powerful Tuberose Absolute bursts to bring a sensual character. Final but not least a Carnation note wraps up this amazing floral bouquet in a powdery cocoon.

Opardu packaging

Opardu is at 32% concentration and it is definitely a fragrance you want to offer, like a promise of future romance and tenderness.

All Fragrances are created with the finest qualities of ingredients, and you can smell it. There are no miracles. If you wish to touch the sublime, you need to use the best qualities in the world. Also in terms of packaging, all the attention is brought to an unique degree of details.

Puredistance packaging

In order to accompany your favorite Puredistance perfume, the Brand has developped a short yet outstanding series of accessories, from exquisite leather pouches to Swarovski crystal flacons.




As you can see here, PUREDISTANCE is the state of art for perfumery. When you place the level of your work at the maximum, the result can only be outstanding.
Discover this amazing and exclusive brand either on their official website here: 

Get touched by the uniqueness and the grace, just experience a PUREDISTANCE perfume and you will know.


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