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Zadig & Voltaire, the french fashion Brand is launching in this beginning of the year a new fragrance duo called Zadig & Voltaire Tome 1 La Pureté for Her and for Him. I got the opportunity to review the masculine version.


The Brand was created in 1995 by Mr. Thierry Gillier, grand-son of André Gillier (co-founder of Lacoste). The Brand name, Zadig & Voltaire, is inspired by the Novel “Zadig, or The Book of Fate” written in 1747 by the french philosopher Voltaire. The main character of the novel inspired Mr. Gillier because of his charisma, modernity and bravery. The fashion Brand has products for women but also for men and even a children line.


Zadig & Voltaire is well known for its cachemire with rock skulls in brodery, their tshirts and the mythic Touly bag. The creative universe of the Brand is quite broad as they have a Music label (collaborations with Daft Punk producers) and on mobile telephone accessories (in a partnership with Samsung).



In 2009, the Brand launched its new first fragrance, called Tome 1. It was done “inhouse” and  it represented an unisex fragrance. By getting the complexity of the fragrance market. We remember Sephora having some doubts about the interest of the project, Zadig & Voltaire decided in 2010 to sign a development and distribution contract with Clarins Fragrance Group. They can then benefit from a high professional team for product development but also (and above all) of a Clarins distribution.

Now, with this new Duo, the Brand stays loyal to it’s rock & roll attitude with style. In deed the two fragrances have the “Angel-rock” symbol on the flacons and the advertising is also on this direction.

zadig et Voltaire fragrances

On the ad, we discover Poppy Delevigne, the it-girl of the moment and world known surfer Chris Del Moro. The theme presented is a vision of a white paradise in which the 2 characters play a modern version of Adam and Eve. Paradise is there but sin is not that far from this innocent sexyness. Are they the symbol of perfect creation or fallen-angels? We never know with Zadig & Voltaire. And that is precisely what we like! I could not find who was the photographer of this campaign but if someone has the information, please just add a comment here below. thanks! Here a video about the making-off.

There are 2 fragrances, one for women (the white flacon) and one for men (the grey flacon). I got the chance to review the masculine fragrance. So check here below.


The first thing we can see on this creation is the original packaging. Loyal to the inspirational origins of the brand’s name, here Tome 1 is a book! Or a fragrance packaging in a shape of a book. It is elegant, original and minimalist in a way. The carton used looks recycled and the inks from vegetal origin. The book concept is played at all levels as we can see in the pictures here below.




The flacon has a dark grey mate finish, done by the outside which gives a nice “soft-touch” feeling. The cap is metallic, simple with the initials Z and V on it embossed on the metal itself. Simple, discreet and well done. In one side we can see the famous Brand logo with the Angel surrounded by a crown of spines. On the other side we can read the name of the fragrance.


The fragrance now. What stroke me as a first impression was this kind of milky-powdery-wood note. Masculine yet soft. Interesting. I found the fragrance quite coherent with the concept overall. It is more a “smell” than a normal fragrance. We can see the “parti-pris” of the creation as we do not really have a traditional structure. I, personally missed the head notes. The brand talks about Orange flower that I find quite discreet. It brings a kind of cleanliness on top that makes it comfortable and yes, masculine. For me it is really the wood accord of Patchouli, Sandalwood and lactonic woods that makes the interest of it. The fragrance is elegant and clear.

I am not sure that this is going to be a big hit as it is definitely not following any mainstream trend. The Brand is quite confidential, very parisian oriented or fashion world oriented. But it is interesting to see how strong the Brand identity is.

So if you want to learn more, do not hesitate to check the brand official website and eshop:



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