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victorinox tomoVictorinox is launching in May this year one interesting 2011 “must-have” products. It is called the TOMO knife. This creation is the result of an amazing alliance of Swiss Ingenuity and Japanese “cutting edge” style. The japanese house Abitax, based in Tokyo got inspired by the functional design of Victorinox knifes. Behind this project, we have Mr. Kazuma Yamaguchi .
He is a notorious international Designer. In 1969, he graduates from the prestigious  Musasi University in Engineering-mechanical science department. He is passionate about functionality dedicated to Design. He then started his career in Italy in the 70’sabitax_Mr_Yamaguchi where he worked for more than 10 years as product designer.  He work for great names like Isao Hosoe design Studio and with Andries Van Onck Design Studio in Milano. In 1986 he is back to Tokyo and founded his Design bureau. He worked for brands like Mitsubishi or Mugen and in 1990, he creates ABITAX, his current company.

His work is world wide known for his Outdoor products. He developed  Outdoor Ashtrays, Phone straps, KeyCases or Light days. He is sensitive to Qualitative and functional design, a perfect alliance with Victorinox.

This brilliant piece of contemporary Design is a revamp of the traditional Swiss Army knife invented by the victorinox tomoSwiss company Victorinox. Instead of having the traditional long oval shell, Abitax developped a flat square one that reveals the traditional tools from Victorinox. This could be a pocket-pocket version of the Swiss Army knife :-). The packaging has also an innovative design as it was made with the same material as the Eggs boxes (recycled materials).  It is very interesting to see how contemporary designers like to revamp traditional and universal objects and there is not so many around.


This small wonder will be available from May 2011 in several warm-hearted colours. For more information, check the official page here.