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Thierry Mugler the taste of fragrance
Thierry Mugler Parfums is launching for this winter, a prestigious and innovative collection of 4 fragrances based on their best-sellers. It is called Thierry Mugler Le Goût du Parfum, “the taste of Fragrance” in english.

thierry mugler Angel star fragranceThierry Mugler always writes its own track in the middle of the Fragrance industry landscape. Since 1992 and the launch of Angel, a true olfactive UFO, Thierry Mugler cultivated the art of surprise by offering new fragrances, always  out of the box. A*men, Mugler Cologne, Alien and recently Womanity are the witnesses of Mugler courage to reinvent himself no matter trends or fashion influences… He reinvented high-perfumery and offered to the world a new olfactive family thanks to Angel: the Gustative notes. The Praline note of Angel opened a window on a new way to formulate oriental fragrances towards a more “tasteful” path.

Since then, and always loyal to its heritage, Thierry Mugler Parfum capitalizes on its strengths: creativity, audacity and a hint of humor. Last year, they revealed a very prestigious collection of 3 fragrances called “LesThierry Mugler Les Liqueurs de Parfum Liqueurs de Parfum”. The encounter of the Perfumer and the luxury spirits world. It was innovation at all levels. First they highlighted the existing fragrances under a new light, based and inspired by the luxury Cognacs (Angel), Rhum (Alien) and Whisky (A*men). Then, they added a true distillation of those spirits and finally they made the fragrances macerate in wooden barrels. The Fragrances limited editions were sold independently and also in a prestigious coffret for Christmas 2010. For the brand it was the opportunity to keep the luxury and sophisticated universe of the creator alive towards the fragrances. Even a especial adverting was shot in order to stage the scene…
Thierry Mugler Les Liqueurs de Parfum

This year, Thierry Mugler continue on this exploration of the senses. The perfumers, as olfactory explorers, seek a new path, this time in the high-gastronomy world. Taste and smell are completely inner linked and cannot live one without the other.

Pierre Aulas thierry mugler egofactoAngel, Alien, Womanity and A*men are highlighted in a different way thanks to the creative work of Pierre Aulas, the brand olfactive Director, and Ms Hélène Darroze. She is one of the mostThierry Mugler the taste of fragrance Helene darroze passionate and prestigious french chefs with multi-stars at the famous Michelin guide. Together, the 2 “chefs” developed with the perfumers what they called “Flavour enhancers”. Like in gastronomy, the perfumers developed real flavor enhancers in order to boost Thierry Mugler’s key ingredients for each fragrance.
Thierry Mugler The taste of Fragrance

ANGEL LE GOUT DU PARFUM – Taste enhancer = Bitter Cocoa powder.
Thierry Mugler the taste of fragrance

Star and mother of the Gustative fragrances, this time the Cocoa powder is used to boost the mythical notes of Angel, Praline, vanilla and red fruits.  Incorporated into the original formula, the bitter cocoa powder was chosen as a taste enhancer, and it vibrates the gourmand notes of Angel to make them intensely sensual. Even the famous Patchouli is transcended in order to bring a “nature-like taste” for the fragrance.

ALIEN LE GOUT DU PARFUM – Taste Enhancer = Salted butter Caramel
Thierry Mugler the taste of fragrance

The Salted-Butter Caramel wraps the elegant ambery notes of Alien in order to create unctuosity and a water-mouthering effect. The citrus and spicy notes of the original fragrance, are revealed and highlighted in this exercise.

WOMANITY LE GOUT DU PARFUM – Taste Enhancer = Fig Chutney
Thierry Mugler the taste of fragrance

18 years after the launch of Angel, Thierry Mugler reveals Womanity. The invisible link between all women. Being true to the brand gustative heritage, Womanity proposes a sweet and sour innovative accord of fig and Caviar. In this specific new exercise, Thierry Mugler boosts the mystery of this fragrance by adding an amazing fig chutney into it.

A*MEN LE GOUT DU PARFUM – Taste Enhancer = Pimento Berry
Thierry Mugler the taste of fragrance

In 1996, Thierry Mugler launched A*men, a strong, charismatic fragrance for men based on the gustative heritage of the brand. A Toffee accord that revealed a magnificent note of Coffee absolute, vanilla and Patchouli. In the Le Gout du Parfum, the brand added an amazing, powerful and bitting Pimento berry.  It fires the entire fragrance and presents a raw power that seduces from the first seconds.

The brand capitalizes on the existing flacons with some color modifications like this red slamming star of A*men. All details are present in the packaging for a very prestigious collection for the Holiday season. The Michelin Guide could give a triple star to this exercise! Do not hesitate to track more information on the Brand official website,

If this winter, you want to please your senses, you might get into this tasteful adventure just thanks to a few drops of Mugler fragrances…