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Victorinox, the makers of the original Swiss Army Knife, has now 15 years in the making of fragrances. Already in 1997, with the launch of Swiss Army classic Eau de Toilette for men, they got the Perfumery international award for Best Design.

Swiss Army spirit

Now, 15 years later, the Swiss company continues in its path of innovation in the masculine area by launching 2 amazing products:

– Swiss Army Classic Icon EDT
– Swiss Army Forest EDT


Swiss Army Icon flacon
In 2012, only the Swiss company Victorinox could launch such a Fragrance flacon: A Swiss Army Knife shape flacon. Almost as a celebration of 15 years of iconic Design in the Fragrance industry, Victorinox launched a special flacon for its Classic Eau de Toilette line. A perfect alliance between a best selling fragrance and an outstanding design. The flacon design reflects the legendary pocket knife. Its design incorporates the Swiss Army knife’s opening and closing mechanism as well as a practical ring to hang the bottle.

Swiss Army icon flacon

The Fragrance itself as it was mentioned, it is the Swiss Army Classic Eau de Toilette. A must in Men’s elegance with an outdoor spirit. A fresh aromatic fragrance for men that stands for refinement and vision. A fresh spiky start with a contemporary Yuzu-Ginger accord, followed by a masculine bouquet of Lavender, Cypress and Geranium, soften by the aura of Amber. Purely timeless.

Swiss Army Icon mood

If you want to see more about this product, just visit the official page here.


Swiss Army Forest mood

Switzerland is worldwide known for the beauty of it’s nature. Swiss forests are refreshing places in which we feel back to the roots, back to essentiality. Only Victorinox could capture the essence of Swiss landscapes into a fragrance. With Swiss Army Forest Eau de Toilette for men, you can feel yourself in the heart of Swiss Alps, enjoying a beautiful sight view. Comfortable and ultra-fresh, Forest EDT reveals a great product, a full concept.

Swiss Army Forest

From a scent perspective, Swiss Army Forest is a real masculine bomb! In the royal heritage of fragrances like Pino Silvestre or Agua Brava with a distinctive Pine note. Immediately you get into a timeless masculine ambiance, essential but sophisticated. The Fragrance is a modern composition of Juniper and nutmeg to start. Then, the fragrance reveals a strong vibrant elegance thanks to Sage, violet leaves and Cedarwood. The final is a clever accord of Cypress, Mountain Pine and wood moss.

Swiss Army Forest Flacon

The flacon itself has a Cap and Base made of true Swiss wood, remembering the concept of the fragrance and bringing an extra sensorial experience while using the flacon.

If you wish to learn more about this fragrance, do not hesitate to visit the official website here.

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